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Hurricane Paintball Park

 This June 17 - 18, Legends of the Seven Seas

The Battle of Port Royale

 game at Hurricane Paintball Park

The Battle of Port Royale

  The past is catching up with Jack. Unbeknownst to Jack, when he received the compass from Tia Dalma, she placed a curse on him. A jade pendent would hold the soul of Jack, and whoever had possession of the pendent had control of him and the fate of the pirate league.

  Admiral Norrington, commander of the British fleet is dispatched to capture Jack and bring him to justice for crimes against the crown. Norrington has been summoned by the governor to wipe out the pirates. His first mission above all is to capture Jack. Whispers of the pendant’s location lead to Port Royale and Jack makes his way there at all cost to reach the Port to recover the pendant first before Admiral Norrington intercepts and stops Jack from his quest.

  Jack must collect knowledge and booty along the way to prepare for the final battle that is about to commence. Only the cunning of Jack and his crew can turn the tides. Danger waits at every turn, but there is a third ship that’s on the horizon interested in the pendant as well.

Admission is $40 until 6/1. Then $50 after that.




Battle of Port Royale





Social Loyalty paint will be sold for $45 per case until 6/1. Then $60 after that.

Social Loyalty




Air Paint Admission

Black Pirate League

Jack Sparrow / Pirate League =

Grim Burnett of Team Death Claw Inc

East India Trading Co.

Admiral Norrington / Brady Endres of Team Shake and Bake